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Here's what you had to say:

Rivi is an excellent guide!  She took us around the Old City in Jerusalem and made in unforgettable. She was nice and captivating!  She told us lots of amazing stories that made the tour vivid and easy for to fully understand the uniqueness of this city.  I would very strongly recommend her to anyone.

-Nelly Neomie, France


Rivi is a gem! She acted as a tour guide for my first trip to Israel, and was able to provide a thorough introduction to the political, religious, and cultural dynamics of ancient and modern Israel. She is a phenomenal guide, kind, very funny, engaging, and extremely intelligent. I can not recommend Rivi highly enough if you are looking for a guide in Israel!

-Jake Wayler, U.S.A


I have been on dozens of tours in many countries in the world. I can honestly say that Rivi Is one of the best -- if not THE BEST -- tour guide I have ever encountered.

Rivi is:
A natural teacher
A perfect navigator
In love with her country and her work

I would highly recommend Rivi without reservation to anyone and everyone visiting Israel. She makes tour guides and Israelis look good.

(Rivi did not ask me for this review; I am not being compensated; we are not family. However, after being on a couple of her tours, I do consider her a friend.)

-Bonnie Bachenheimer, Israel


Rivi is incredible.. Highly recommended. She really knows her stuff and delivers it really well. Can't wait to come back and hike with Rivi again!

-Luz Toff, England


Aside from being an excellent tour guide, Rivi is also a honest person with high moral values. She went out of her way to return my money when she noticed I overpaid. Thank you for such a wonderful tour of the old city and restoring my faith in humanity.

-An Chen, U.S.A


Rivi can tell you all you want to know about wherever she takes you with passion! She's an awesome leader. Can't wait to come back to Israel and hike with Rivi again.

-Elisheva Glicksman, U.S.A


Rivi does an amazing job of letting you know where you are and the importance of it. She has an energy that is unbeatable and she's a pretty awesome person all around.

-Mimi Weiss, U.S.A





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