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About Us. 

Life is expensive; we get it


Yesh! Israel is unique in that our goal is to enable our clients to see the most they can in Israel with whatever budget they have.  


We offer a range of services at a range of prices that allow every visitor the fullest Israel experience possible.  

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Why not go the DIY route?


While there is no substitute for touring Israel with a Licensed Tour Guide, it is true that there are many places in Israel that are great to explore on your own.


In an age where information is just a few clicks away, there are times when we will recommend that route. 


That being said, there are many times that the information on the internet is outdated or wrong(gasp).


Even if you decide to forgo the service of a Licensed Tour Guide, we can save you time and money in helping you figure out where you want to go and how to get there.  For example:

  • Many prices quoted online (or in person to an English speaker) can be negotiated by someone with experience in the field.

  • Sometimes public transportation can get you exactly where you want to go and there is no need to rent a car.

  • You may qualify for discounts not listed on a website.

  • Have an extra hour in an area?  We can tell you what else there is to do in your vicinity; consider that many scenic areas and other hidden gems are not searchable on the web


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Our Founder


Rivi Frankel, originally from Canada, grew up in New Jersey, and moved to Israel in 2006.  With a background in informal education, Rivi has run programming all over the world in countries like the U.S, Canada, Russia, and Israel.  As a licensed guide through the Ministry of Tourism, Rivi combines her experience, knowledge, passion, and sense of fun to help you have the best Israel adventure possible. 



Our Team


At Yesh!Israel, we strive to provide you with only the best.  All of our guides are licensed by the State of Israel's Ministry of Tourism.  Whether you are planning a 10 day Bar Mitzvah trip, a half day tour in the Old City of Jerusalem, or even looking to visit Bethlehem of Jericho, we have the right guide for you.   Our guides have years of experience and we will work hard to match you with the best guide for your needs.  In addition, all our guides are trained in first aid. 



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